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Natalia Bradbury – Polish curator and art advisor with over ten years of experience in the Polish and international art market. Operating between Poland and the United Kingdom, her experience includes working on numerous art auctions and exhibitions in collaboration with prestigious galleries, art agents, and renowned curators. Natalia serves as the head of the art department and is the director of the OmenaArt Foundation. Her focus is on researching the growing significance and market value of a new generation of artists in Europe. She studies the factors contributing to the development of this sector and analyzes the evolutionary dynamics of the art world. Curator of the thematic pavilion „Inne geografie, inne historie” ("Other geographies, other stories") presented during 2024, focusing on the work of artists from Poland and Ukraine, working in various locations across the continent. In 2024, responsible for the curatorial development of the Grand Charity Auction.



Piotr Metz is one of the most significant figures in Polish radio after 1989. He has served as the music director at the largest radio stations, editor-in-chief of the iconic Machina magazine, and music director for MTV Polska and various festivals.  A music expert and Beatles enthusiast, he owns a postcard from John Lennon. He has conducted hundreds of interviews with music legends, including Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, Madonna, and Prince. After his high-profile departure from Trójka Radio in 2020, his voice can once again be heard in broadcasts from Myśliwiecka Street.

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