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Mariusz Szypura is a multifaceted artist who has significantly influenced Polish culture for nearly three decades as  a composer, multi-instrumentalist, music producer, and designer. His artistic journey began in the early 1990s on the Polish alternative music scene with the band Happy Pills, with whom he released several highly acclaimed albums.  


His main music project is Silver Rocket, where he serves as a composer, performer, and producer.  The debut album "Electronics For Dogs" (2003) and the EP "Astronaut’s Diary" (2004) caught the attention of reviewers and established his presence on the music scene. For the album "Unhappy Songs" (2006), he collaborated with renowned artists such as Nosowska, Rojek, Novika, Dąbrowska, and Masha Qrella from the Berlin band Contriva. In 2008, inspired by the life of inventor Nikola Tesla, Szypura released the concept album "Tesla," which received several Fryderyk Award nominations, winning in the Best Graphic Design category.  


After "Tesla," Szypura focused on designing and programming award-winning computer games.  At the Telehorse studio, he created "Steampunker" (2014) and in 2017 "Steamburg" for the French studio Anuman Interactive. Szypura also experimented with VR technology, creating the game "Steampunker VR Periscope Shooter." These games won awards in the Art Design and Storytelling categories at major independent game festivals, including in San Francisco, Helsinki, and Belgrade.  


Szypura's design portfolio is also significant, encompassing visual identities, advertising projects, and album covers that have often been awarded in prestigious competitions. From 2010 to 2015, he created the visual identity for the OFF Festival in Katowice, recognized as the best medium-sized music festival in Europe.  


The next stage in Szypura's artistic journey involves his fascination with audiovisual installations, a field  in which he is currently dynamically developing. His first multimedia project combining musical and design experiences was the "in:human" exhibition at the CSW in Warsaw.

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